New Elephone Explorer Pro 4K NTK96660 action camera (or just part Elephone Explorer Pro) is interesting for several characteristics.

The first sight is certainly the characteristics of this camera, and a handful of what’s in the box. The other thing is of course the price because the camera will cost several times less than for example the well-known GoPro Hero cameras, and the difference in quality is practically nil.

Where and when you can use this action camera? Always and everywhere. They have already become a “must have” gadget, but for a hundred euros you can get really great 4K action camera. Yes, and Elephone Explorer Pro camera is under a hundred and what we found out about it we were more than enough to draw us a smile on his face.

What is the box?

In the case other than the camera itself you’ll find a waterproof case, and a variety of mounts – the bike, tripod, various tensioners and strips, nylon carrying case, cables, screwdriver and more.

By design Elephone Explorer reminds us of the GoPro cameras. It’s no secret, many manufacturers have “copied” outward appearance the most popular, but also the most expensive action camera in the world, as is the Xiaomi Yi action camera, which we tested last year and which is still attractive.

The case of Elephone Explorer is plastic, and the dimensions are 59 x 32 x41 mm and the heavy 62 grams (without batteries). In other words, you can put it anywhere you want, will fit into any space. From the front of the camera lens under which the company logo, while the left button for ignition of the camera. On the back side is a 2-inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, or 200 dots per inch, if this figure means something in life.

At the top of the Elephone Explorer is the main control button, more are on the right, from the bottom sides of the battery slot, and the left are offended / outputs, and a microSD card up to 64 GB, and a microUSB input and microHDMI video output. Due to the ability to record high resolution of 4K, we recommend the use of cards at least Class 10.

Video capabilities of this Elephone Explorer are really rich, so you can record high-resolution 4K or eg. In HD at 120 frames per second, so you can create and always effective, high-quality “slow motion” shots.

These images remind us quite the previous generation GoPro Hero 3 camera, and it can thank the excellent Sony IMX117 sensor that is significantly advanced compared to the previous IMX078, which is not worth mentioning. Proved to be quite good in a variety of shooting conditions, both in the sun and in the shade, and in low light conditions. Depending on light conditions the camera will adjust the frame rate to get the best possible video recording. You must play around and see which mode you prefer. Through the same options you move through the rear screen which is built into the camera, unlike the GoPro cameras that do not have a screen, and it must be purchased.

For the video format supported by the following:
4K (3840 x 2160) at 15 FPS
2,7K (2688 x 1520) at 30 FPS
1080P (1920 x 1080) 60 FPS / 30 FPS
720P (1280 x 720) 120 FPS / 60 FPS / 30 FPS

The camera‘s wide-angle, so you can record at up to 170 degrees, which means that practically see everything in front of it. And you can adjust the settings (from 70 – to 170 degrees).

Here is Video Review of this Amazing Action Camera