Xiaomi has unveiled its second-generation Mi Band 2 in China. The new band from Xiaomi as promised by CEO Jun Lei will go on sale starting June 7. The new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 packs a host of improvements over its predecessor including an all-new OLED screen and the much-requested heart rate sensor. To recall, the original Mi Band was unveiled back in 2014 and was priced at $40.

Lightweight, ergonomically curved and seated in a soft silicone bracelet,  Xiaomi Mi Band 2 design does not differ much from its predecessors. It has an elongated shape like a large grain of rice.

On the lower side of the optical sensor heart rate, and the upper 0:42 “OLED screen with a round button. It will navigate between the clock display, the number of steps you took, heart rate, capacity batteries ….
The screen turns on or touch of a button or by raising hands to the face. Otherwise it is turned off, so do not use electricity. At one end of the two pin connectors, which are used for filling 70 mAh battery, which lasts about 3 hours, but it will operate every 20 days.

Our Xiaomi Mi Band 2 from test was came from the classic black silicone bracelet, a new offer will be one interesting fight, a modification bracelets lasts 3 seconds.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Bluetooth 4.0 pairing with smartphones with which it transmits information on which notifies you vibrate. With Xiaomi Android is compatible with all other Android provided to rotate at least Android 4.4 KitKat but with iPhone running the least iOS 7 and up.

For pairing, synchronization and reading of data analysis by Xiaomi Mi Band 2 you will need Mi Fit app is available in the Play Store, and the App Store. Through the app in question will set all as far as we Mi Band 2 and you choose what you want to exposes on its OLED screen, choose which apps can send notifications to the bracelet, set the time when you wake up in the morning bracelets and other similar staff.

The integrated pedometer constantly counts your steps and turns them into distance and calories burned. The precision in counting the steps made a solid but not perfect. It would certainly be at a higher level if Xiaomi Mi Band 2 had GPS. We believe the same applies to the optical reader heartbeat. Precision, however, not be particularly burden but would you aim should be to make every day a couple of steps more than the previous day. The collected data can be synchronized with the Google Fit service.

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