HTC has announced that it is separating its VR business into a wholly-owned subsidiary. The company is taking its HTC’s Vive VR headset, and the ecosystem around it, to make it a separate business altogether. Notably, reports of the company planning such a spin-off were circulating earlier this year, with some claiming the new company had been formed late last year.

HTC’s Vive VR headset is one of its most popular products, and the company looks to leverage that goodwill with this move. It has even announced a new entity called VR Venture Capital Alliance to invest in VR research and development. The company has floated $10 billion for it, in order to invest in the next big VR things.

HTC told The Verge that the new subsidiary will be called the HTC‘s  Corporation. “HTC can confirm that it has established a wholly-owned subsidiary, HTC Vive Tech Corporation, as a vehicle for developing strategic alliances to help build the global VR ecosystem,” a spokesperson from HTC confirmed.

HTC is looking to create a distinct entity separate from its smartphone business. By separating the two business verticals, HTC wants its booming VR vertical to be free of the reputation its smartphone business holds in the market. This will enable HTC to sign contracts with other companies freely, as third-parties would now only be exposed to risks associated to the HTC’s Vive VR business.

HTC’s Vive VR is designed from the ground up for room-scale VR, Vive combines state-of-the-art technologies into a complete system that includes video, audio and precise motion tracking. Breathtaking visual experiences are provided by a headset that features a 110° field of view and 32 sensors for precise tracking for total immersion. The 2160 x 1200 resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate deliver detailed graphics and lifelike motion for smooth gameplay and realistic movement. Fluid interaction is provided by two wireless controllers, each with HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, and multi-function trackpads. Each controller features 24 sensors for 360° one-to-one tracking that mirrors hand movements. Room-scale motion tracking is enabled by two base stations that sync wirelessly avoiding the need for additional cords.

Top Reviews:

Pretty happy with mine.

I ordered it from HTC for $800 and it arrived less than a week later. Setup took about 15 minutes just to get it up and running. But that doesn’t count extra time to mount the little sensors to the wall.

Highly recommend getting “The Lab” and “The Blu”. Preinstall SteamVR while you wait for your order.

The 3 games that HTC bundles with it arrive via email several days after your unit arrives.

A wonderful VR experience and be sure to buy it directly from HTC’s Vive website. Orders now ship within 2-3 days and you get the bundled games included (Tilt Brush/Fantastic Contraption/Job Simulator).

A short summary of points:
– $800 includes everything you need including touch controllers and tracking lighthouses that can be over 15 feet apart and are wireless (no USB hookup like Oculus)
– The Vive is currently the only commercial headset supporting room scale VR.
– The Vive is currently the only commercial headset offering manufacturer touch controllers.