The iPad Air 2, which was launched back in 2014, will stay on sale despite the launch of the smaller iPad Pro. However, it will now start at $414.47, the price of the Wi-Fi only 16GB variant in the US. For those wondering, the previous base price of the tablet was $499, which now is the new price for the 64GB Wi-Fi only variant. These are only two options for Wi-Fi only iPad Air available on the company’s US website for now. However, the price of the Wi-Fi+LTE 16GB version is for now the same as before $529.

The iPad Air 2 is the same as that of the 16GB Wi-Fi only version of the iPad Mini 4. The price of the 64GB Wi-Fi only version and Wi-Fi+LTE 16GB version also stays the same between the two. However, the iPad Mini 4 additionally has a 128GB model listed on the US website.

Some of Reviews:

This tablet is well, a very very good tablet. It’s light, fast and has a nice screen. It has a premium feel, and it’s easy to use everyday. The multitasking feature is my favourite because it’s so easy to use! I would definitely recommend the iPad air 2 to anybody in search for a good tablet.

I formerly had a Kindle Fire (2011 model) before I got the iPad Air 2. The Air 2 is a massive upgrade over the Kindle Fire in every way (when it is 3 years newer, it should be).

The screen is really nice. A nice upgrade over the Fire (and better than my 2 Android phones, the Kyocera Event and LG Volt). I was shocked by how much bigger the App Store was compared to the Amazon Appstore (though not as big as Google Play). The battery life is great: with 8 months of active usage, the battery has yet to die on me (and I have had to spend a few days without a charger here and there). There isn’t that much storage (16GB), but it is alot compared to what I am used to dealing with (the 2 Android phones and Fire COMBINED for 20GB of storage). The camera is pretty nice (8MP on a tablet is really nice). On a different note, while Safari sucks for web browsing, it is excellent for web browsing (I use Puffin Browser most of the time). It’s build quality is not as good as my Fire, but it’s okay. It is very fluid.

Here is Video Review for this iPad Air 2