Discover the benefits of a seamless cross-device Windows 10 experience in a precision crafted package. With refined performance and premium design, the Lumia 650 is the smart choice for your business.

Experience a crisp and bright viewing experience, even in direct sunlight, with a super sharp 5’’ HD OLED display that sits elegantly in a precision crafted, diamond cut metal frame. With lightweight design, a thin 6.9mm profile and up to 16 GB of internal memory, the Lumia 650 has the perfect combination of premium looks and performance-driven features.

Your favorite Office apps have been redesigned and improved for Windows 10. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are touch optimized, and with OneDrive cloud storage in the background, your important documents are in sync and easy to access on a PC, phone, and tablet.

A good email app and an easy to use calendar are the foundation of mobile productivity. That’s why Outlook Mail has the same rich editing tools as Microsoft Word and why Outlook Calendar is in sync on all your Windows 10 devices. Flag or delete an email with just a swipe and quickly create recurring calendar invites – you’ll love the new Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar apps.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have been completely redesigned to make you more productive on smaller screens. Your recent files are there waiting for you when you open an Office app, and with editing features that are designed for touch screens, polishing off a PowerPoint presentation or quickly editing a Word document is easier than ever.

Add a Microsoft Display Dock to your home office and do more without using your computer. Want to write a long email or work on an Excel sheet? Just dock your Lumia 950 or 950 XL and use a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to quickly create a PC-like work environment. With a bigger screen and the convenience of a full size keyboard, you don’t need your laptop to be productive at home.

In Microsoft Lumia 650 get a personalized snapshot of your day with traffic info, the weather forecast, and your schedule courtesy of Cortana. Take crisp, clear pictures with the 8 MP camera and the Photos app automatically backs up your shots and syncs them across your Windows 10 devices.

The Lumia 650 with Windows 10 and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor works seamlessly with your company’s Microsoft IT platforms. So whether you’re choosing a phone for work or managing an IT department, you get full integration with the Microsoft apps and services that keep you productive, connected and ready for anything.

Here is Video Review of Microsoft Lumia 650