The company’s commitment to family-friendly gaming launched a new era that planted adults for hours in front of the TV, wielding consoles. This was one of the reasons behind Super Nintendo‘s Entertainment System.

Here is complete Video of Nintendo 64

The N64 was a solid gaming platform that not only made a lot of us very happy for years and years, but also left a significant legacy gaming history. Not only did the N64 deliver classic titles pushing the edge of what games were expected to be, but it crafted 3D worlds that were seamlessly integrated with gameplay.

Super Mario 64 was the first title that demonstrated the power of 3D games, with the rest of N64‘s lineup staying true to the standard. Other games followed suit and established new spectacular ways of using 3D effects.

Two years ago, Nintendo decided to revive the N64 games and make them available to the Wii U Virtual Console.