VideoLAN‘s latest version of VLC for Android is stuffed with updates to for networking, permissions, subtitles and more.

Previously, the most recent version of the media player app was VLC for Android 1.9.13 beta and that version came out last month. But the last major update was version 1.7.0, which saw VideoLAN strip the app of several Android permissions and deliver a new subtitle engine. Now, the organization has finally announced the next major update to Android version of the app.

VideoLAN stripped those permissions from the last version of the app to prepare for the upcoming Android N, which will restructure the system for granting rights to apps. And with VLC for Android 2.0, the organization is taking that effort a step further, according to Jean-Baptiste Kempf, president of VideoLAN and a lead developer for VLC.

Now the app supports everything, going back as far as Android 2.2, and its permissions comply with the next version of the mobile OS, which Google has been struggling to name. The rest of the update might be a bit more interesting for casual users, though just barely.

The update to VLC for Android also improves its Android TV interface, merging it with the app’s standard look. For users with big-face phones and tablets, they can select the Android TV interface from the app’s preferences menu.


VideoLAN’s update wasn’t only about looking at a future with Android N. The nonprofit also took a look at the mobile app’s past and decided to restore the History feature, which was last seen in version 0.9.x of VLC for Android.